What you need to build your own computer

I’ve been really busy this month working with some awesome science writers! Because of that I haven’t had much time for GIFs, but I did manage to fit in a non-moving infographic for this month’s post.

This month I also replaced my 5-year old Mac with a custom PC, so I decided to make something with a computer theme. There’s already tons of tutorials on the internet about building computers, so this poster’s more of an illustrated list than an actual set of instructions.

It was really fun putting the computer together, and my new PC is awesome. I have dual monitors now, and I can finally run all of my design programs at the same time. But it was harder than I thought to set up a computer - kind of like Ikea furniture on extra hard mode (it didn’t help that I forgot the motherboard spacers the first time around).

Anyway, thanks for putting up with the slow updates to this blog. This month has been really hectic and I’m looking forward to having the time to animate again. I do have something already in the works, so stay tuned for a science packed GIF for my next post.