About Tabletop Whale

The Author

Hi! My name's Eleanor Lutz and I write this blog. I'm a PhD student at the University of Washington studying biology. I work in Jeff Riffell's research lab studying how mosquitos learn and remember new experiences. I spend my free time cooking, reading, playing computer games, and dabbling in Python. Someday I want to learn woodworking, build my own mini greenhouse, and visit Iceland. You can find my CV here if you're interested in my work information.

How I Make Infographics

I make most of my infographics and charts in Photoshop and Illustrator. Here's a tutorial I made about making animated infographics. I try to be really transparent about my sources, and most of the infographics are based on reputable scientific sources like textbooks and peer-reviewed research papers. The website is a responsive Jekyll theme built from scratch and hosted on Github Pages.


Want to tell me about an awesome research study? Collaborate on an infographic? Ask me a question or leave a comment? Get in touch at tabletopwhale@outlook.com.



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2016 - NSF "Vizzies" Science Visualization Competition shortlist (Illustration & Posters categories)

2015 - NSF "Vizzies" Science Visualization Competition invited judge

2015 - Gold Medal, Kantar "Information is Beautiful" Awards, Mini / Mobile Visualization Division

2015 - Invited speaker, Malofiej World Infographics Conference. Pamplona, Spain

2015 - Silver Medal, Malofiej World Infographics Competition

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