Archive: 30 Infographics

May 2017

16th – A galaxy of molecules

March 2017

6th – The Goddesses of Venus: A topographic map

1st – Living with fire: Surviving the forest wildfires of California

December 2016

21st – How to build a human II

14th – Leveling up

7th – Heartbeats and murmurs

November 2016

30th – Mind the pharmaceutical gap, please

23rd – Rough drafts and sketches: Virus Infographic

22nd – A flowchart of dangerous viruses

14th – Making animated GIFs in Python

2nd – The map of medical statistics

October 2016

26th – A compendium of abnormal red blood cells

20th – Rough drafts and sketches: EKG Infographic

19th – Heartbeats and heart attacks

12th – The architecture of the spine

5th – Immunology pop art

September 2016

28th – How to build a human heart

21st – A field guide to dangerous bacteria

June 2016

26th – Half past orange: A rainbow color clock

April 2016

11th – Virus trading cards

February 2016

27th – Here there be robots: A medieval map of Mars

January 2015

26th – Planet Earth Control Deck

December 2014

16th – How to build a human

November 2014

24th – What you need to build your own computer

3rd – Tabletop Whale's guide to making GIFs

October 2014

24th – An animated guide to breathing

September 2014

29th – Flight videos deconstructed

August 2014

27th – An animated chart of 42 North American butterflies

12th – An animated guide to the human body : The muscle edition

July 2014

21st – A visual compendium of glowing creatures