Here there be robots: A medieval map of Mars

It’s hard to believe it’s been over a year since the last time I posted something on this blog! I’ve actually made a lot of infographics in the meantime, but most of them are caught up in production with some of my collaborators. Hopefully I’ll be able to share them soon :)

Recently I’ve been really into old maps made by medieval explorers. I thought it would be fun to use their historical design style to illustrate our current adventures into unexplored territory. So here’s my hand-drawn topographic map of Mars, complete with official landmark names and rover landing sites.

To add a little something extra, I included the history of each place name on the map. Martian craters are named after famous scientists (for large craters) or small villages on Earth (small craters). Since the base map is hand-drawn I also added an overlay of actual NASA topographic imagery. This way even if some of my lines are a little off, you can still see what the actual ground looks like underneath.

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